Organizing Power Volume 2

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2-color Risograph booklet
40 pages
5.25" x 8"
Edition of 500
July 2021

Developed as part of Jessalyn Aaland's 2018-2019 fellowship at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, this booklet providing workers with tools to negotiate union contracts. A follow-up to Organizing Power Volume 1, Volume 2 answers the question, “You’ve formed a union: great! What now?”

Text written by Jessalyn Aaland, Ana Fox-Hodess, and Martin Oropeza, in collaboration with union members from across the United States. Booklet design and printing by Paul Morgan.

Due to unprecedented demand, all 500 copies of the first edition have been distributed. We are working on a reprint!

Read more about the project at Organizing Power.org