Class Set – Individual Posters


Want to purchase individual posters from the Class Set project? You're in the correct place! Select which poster you'd like to purchase using the drop down menu.

All prints are 11" x 17" and Risograph printed on vellum bristol 67# coverstock.

Class Sets are volumes of ten posters featuring quotes by authors and activists. Each print in the volume is designed by a different artist.

Sales of Class Set posters support the project's goal of providing free art to K-12 classrooms that inspires and affirms young people by encouraging divergent thinking, questioning, creativity, curiosity, resilience, resistance, solidarity, and social justice.

The project has distributed over 22,000 prints to schools worldwide. Free volumes distributed to K-12 teachers are also accompanied by a 20-page curriculum guide designed to develop students' skills in creative thinking, making, and writing.

For more info about the project, visit ClassSet.org